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Textbooks and Teach Better

In 2013, I gave my graduating lecture on teaching to my fellow MFA students, many of whom were hoping to support their writing with teaching work. The lecture was so well-received that I turned it into an ebook, Teach Better: Building Literacy Skills in the Writing Classroom. Check it out.


Over the years teaching at San Francisco State University, I have gotten to know many first-year college students who confessed to me that they have never read an entire book. These are smart, hard-working students, primarily multi-lingual, the children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. I made it my mission to understand both why this occurrs and how to teach these students to become stronger readers and writers. The textbooks I’ve written grew out of, and are one element in, that quest.

Well Read 2

Well Read 2 develops the skills and strategies needed for college-level reading through a variety of different texts, from textbook chapters and newspaper articles to websites and charts. To create interest and further content- knowledge, the book is organized thematically, allowing readers to learn and practice strategies that will help them read critically, effectively and efficiently. Well-Read 2 is part of a four-level series.

Inside Out Outside In: Exploring American Literature

Inside Out Outside In provides students with a variety of modern short stories and poems by American authors. The textbook  makes literature accessible to multilingual students through pre-reading activities to build interest and understanding, along with exercises and activities for understanding literature after reading, both on literal and more analytic levels. Writing topics are suggested, and there are several appendices to guide students further.

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