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My name is Karen Wiederholt, and I’m a reader and a writer (and a mother and a teacher) living in San Francisco.

I started this blog during my first semester of a low-residency MFA program (at Vermont College of Fine Arts, with two residencies a year in Montpelier, Vermont), and since then it’s grown into a significant, and changing, part of my writing life.

Of course writing for the blog forces me to think harder and more clearly about what I read and write, but it also acts as a place to land, a reminder of  what I’m about and why all this work is worth it.

Manifesto: A public declaration of principles, policies, intentions

Purpose (for me): To let me know and remember myself as a writer, and  invite others to understand me

My Writer’s Manifesto

  • I write to connect more deeply and minutely, with more curiosity and compassion, to inner and outer worlds, and to articulate what I find.
  • I write to unburden my unconscious, to understand deep stories, truths, dreams outside of the constraints of linear time.
  • When I write, I place value on art–words, the imagination, the part of myself that creates–not on being popular or making money.
  • I write to lose myself and find refuge, for a lot of the same reasons I love to read.
  • I enjoy stories, ideas, people, sound, sentence, image. I write to make something.
  • No one asks me to write; I write to carve out and maintain a selfish, interior space where I can be free from the needs of others.
  • I write because of my family of origin, because I am the bilingual daughter of immigrants, because I found the world I grew up in difficult and had no one to interpret it for me.
  • I write because I have (the luxury to have) to, because I wouldn’t like or understand myself well if I didn’t.
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